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Strange Enough For Love

Reeking Little Piles of Doggerel

2/24/13 01:56 pm - Tendinosis

I had to cancel the backpacking trip in April. My Achilles are noncooperational, and will be for a few months. According to a reading of the ultrasound, I have mild tendinosis in the right, moderate tendinosis in the left, and small bone spurs growing from both calcanei.  All I can do for now is go heavy on the cross training, increase hiking slowly, and keep doing the eccentrics. The physical therapy takes about a half-hour a day; more on the days that I hike.  Right this instant, I can't do survey.  I can do excavation.  If things go as planned, I should be able to hike 6 miles by the middle of March.  Maybe I could do survey then, but I am pretty sure I won't.  Doctor was good enough to tell me that this was not a career-ender, but I should make hiking a priority and give up any other exercise that could aggravate my Achilles.  No more running, and I probably can't ride for a long while (or maybe I could ride without stirrups?).  Regardless, the new company is going to call me before the end of March, and I am going to have to tell them I can't work.  This sucks tremendously.  In terms of later work, I have gotten a few rejections from the government lately, but I did get one referral through the continuous open announcement for a not to exceed GS07 in North Texas.  I don't really want to work in North Texas, but I cam going to call the archaeologist and see what the work entails.  They seem to be hiring pretty early, so I assume that their funding is set and will not be affected by the sequester.  Consequently, it may the the only federal job I have any chance of getting.

2/23/13 08:30 pm

Why did I decide to become an archaeologist? Years of education to become proficient at NHPA compliance, which means nothing in a world with sequesters and without legislation. I should have been a doctor, or an agronomist, or something useful. Or maybe have joined the military so I could get vet pref, or even better, figured out that archaeology was what I wanted to to at 18, and stated doing CRM so I wouldn't find myself in this hopeless limbo at 31.
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