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I have been working out pretty hard since the beginning of February. I gained 5-7lbs over Xmas, so I was trying to burn that off, which I have already, although I think I could lower my body fat percentage a bit more. I really want to be stronger, so I have been doing more hand weight work, mostly using Xbox One Fitness with its Jillian Micheals videos. I decided to try to run again because I need more cardio and I really enjoy the challenge of running. So far my Achilles seem to be holding up fine. I am still doing the PT the doctor prescribed--those eccentric calf raises that are supposed to stretch the muscle and tendon while strengthening the muscle. It seems to be helping. I'm only on day 6 of C25K, so I may find the tendons just haven't been strained enough yet. If I get to the point they are becoming an issue I'll back off to the previous weeks training schedule and leave it at that.

Food and macro nutrients have been a challenge. I have backed off the bread and pasta as much as I have ever managed, so most of my carbs are complex. Beyond that I decided not to worry about carbs and instead just focus on protein, fiber, and calories. If I can get my protein past 70 grams a day, my fiber past 25 grams a day, and my net calories around 1100 a day, the net carbs and fat pretty much take care of themselves. I don't eat a lot of meat, so it took me a while to figure out how to get to 70 grams, but I have got it now (and it is not even that much--I have been reading more about it more and there are lot of people that think your grams of protein should equal your weight, in which case would I need to be eating 115 grams protein!). I'm still in a calorie deficit, so I am losing a little bit of weight, but not much. I just want to kick the muscle up at this point and loose enough fat that you can see the muscle, which is going to bring my weight loss to a standstill when I reach some sort of fat-muscle equilibrium. I estimate that I am burning an extra 200 calories a day through exercise, so I am getting to eat a good 1300 calories a day--Unless it is a rest day I am pretty full. I think I am going to try to keep some sort of calorie deficit up until I start working again this summer and then maintain, matching my caloric intake to whatever my estimated total daily energy expenditure is for that day (probably an average of 1350 calories a day--I'll base it off my fitbit), and keep eating back my exercise calories if I feel like it. Basically I'll be able to eat whatever I want, within reason (especially since I'll likely be hiking or digging my ass off in some desert somewhere).

On that note, I have applied to almost 50 jobs this semester. I have two referrals, one at Great Basin National Park and one at an inland Alaska National Forest (fuck yeah!), and I interview for the GBNP one tomorrow. I haven't applied to much in the way of private jobs because there really haven't been that many that I qualified for, but it is possible that one of my on-call companies will come through with something.
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