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Months of Sick Cat

There was a small blizzard last night, enough to shut down the roads, and one of my cats vomited bile all night. The vet was very helpful over the phone, and Charm seems better now, but he is just not right. Tomorrow will be the fourth time I have taken him to the vet this year. He has had a bout of cystitis, and now the vomiting. At least one of the vets thinks the conditions are related and has suggested blood work. That is on top of an X-ray, two urinalyses, 2 injections, and 2 prescriptions, all administered this year.

If I had not been here observing his behavior daily, he could have gone for days without anyone knowing he was sick. It is becoming clear, now that my cats are 9 and 10, I can't just leave them in the care of a friend who drops in 3 times a week. This drastically restricts the jobs I can take, by season or by project. They would have to be jobs with hotel rooms that accepts pets, short jobs that happen to occurs when I could impose on my friends, or jobs in places where I could get an apartment. Plus, I travel a lot, mostly back to Florida. This is going to make my life very difficult.

When I got my cats 10 years ago, I didn't know I would be doing CRM archaeology, or that it would require so much travel. They have been such a joy and a pleasure, and it makes me feel sick to resent them now. I won't get rid of them, but I won't be taking any remote and exciting jobs, joining the peace corp, or trekking in Nepal, either.

These last two months have been rough. All night vomiting, peeing, administering medication twice a day, having to set up a separate room for Charm and listing to him cry to get out all night. It's starting to grind my nerves. I know pets are not children, but it doesn't matter if you have a distressed and vomiting child or cat: you are going to be up all night (and, if you are able to ignore a distressed animal, you are not fit to raise children).

I do love my cats, but they may be my last pets.
Tags: cats, frustration, pets, work
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