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Working on my thesis is like pulling teeth. I have to fight for every hour. I am making progress, but not quickly. I did get a one semester extension due to my extenuating circumstances, so I have until December 2014 until they kick me out of the program. It is easily doable.

I had a 1/3 of the graduate faculty helping me force this ancient dos program to work in order to get all my Monte Carlo trials run. With their help I finally have two plots, so I can officially finish my final two chapters and get them to my chair. It only took a month to get the program to run! Ugh! It takes my chair at least a month to read anything, so it will be at least that long from the date I turn it in before I can send it to my committee. My committee will take another month, and then I will be able to complete their edits and turn in a reading copy. The reading copy is due by April 11, so there is physically no way to get a reading copy in this semester. However, if I can get a reading copy in my the first day of the Fall semester I will have plenty of time to do rewrites and defend.
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