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Jobs 2013--38 applications, 22 rejections, 2 interviews, and 1 offer

As of 3/18/13 I have applied to 38 jobs this year. Ten were with private CRM firms, all of which were temporary or on-call positions. Only two of of those were at the crew-chief level. Out of those ten I have been offered one on-call field tech position (which I took, but no jobs have materialized). Out of those ten I have gotten two interviews, one for the position that I took, and one for a crew chief position for a data recovery project in New Mexico. I have not received the result of that interview. I have received four definite no's.

There have been many more federal jobs posted for which I have felt qualified. Apart from the continues open vacancy announcements (1 for the USFS, 1 for the BLM, and 1 for the USFS student programs), that leaves 25 individual positions. I applied to only two permanent positions (neither of which I was referred) and no GS09 positions (I have been told that I am qualified for that level, but I have never gotten even close to getting one, so I chose not to apply to any). I have Applied to 18 GS07 positions (some were co-listed with GS05 and GS06 positions) and have not been referred to a selecting official on 13 of those positions, meaning that I did not make the first cut. GS07 is generally crew chief level. I am still waiting to hear from the rest and have no expectation of getting referred. I have applied to two GS06 positions and have not been referred on either. There are either crew chief or field tech level. I have applied to 6 GS05 positions, and have not been referred on all of those. These are only for field techs, and below the level that I have worked at for the last two summers.

Of the three continuous open vacancy announcements, I have been refereed to the selecting officials on two GS05s and 1 GS07. These are all for 6 month temporary positions.

Basically, I am not getting anywhere. I have been told repeatedly that I have almost no chance of getting hired with the feds as a non-student, and yet I just keep applying like something is going to change.
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